The 5th Wall


Printed in 1993 in San Diego, California

Cover: Dualistic Forms, Staple (1993, Collage)

"This was the first issue printed in our (much immitated) tall format. Before this, the 5th Wall was 8.5 x 11 inches; the best of these early issues will soon be available in the upcomming 'Best of the 5th Wall (issue 10pi)'. Issue 7pi/2 explores the artistic use of: footnotes, avoided rhymes, Boggle (tm), computerized poets, and structural poetry. Also contains short stories and shorter stories and a bogus art critique."


Editorial - Editor
I wanted to kiss an ant - Tim Kane
Paying in Pennies - David Hurwitz
There is Terror in Me - F836810M5010
The oozing bile that love leaves behind - Jennifer Lindl
paradox - Hector A. Castillo
Once Upon A Mime - Chad Mealey
So far I - Tim Kane
Rhyme D - Michelle Brandies
"C.I.A. Ice" - an Aku Aku - Chad Mealey
The Art Seen - Emmanuel Keeler