The 5th Wall

-- $1.00 --

Printed in 1995 in San Francisco, California

Cover: superlativ, Alexander Cisna (1994, Collage)

"The first issue produced entirely in San Francisco. More pages than previous issues. Some highlights include what might be the world's first backwards exquisite corpse (authors alternate beginning from the end of the piece instead of from the beginning), a menu, performance art, letters and a wrap around cover."


Glowing Waves - Editor (1995, Hand written on musical staff)
Rhine-Crossing Son of a gun - Grenald Merlin Thomas Coffee (1995, We just don't know)
Dear Margie - Eleanor England (1993, ???)
Untitled #56 - Dennis Aman (1995, For Publication Only)
Seize Her Salad - Chad Mealey (1994, Script for animated short)
Grandmother's Crabapple Tree - Jacqueline Berio (1994, Laser printed on parchment)
I Did it My Way - David Hurwitz & Tim Kane (1993, For Publication Only)
100 bad flavors for ice-cream - Emmanuel Keeler (1995, Menu)
My dearest Chad and literary companions - Julia Kinney (1995, Ink on a nice card from Italy)
Too Serious for Breakfast - Tim Kane (1995, For Publication Only)
Backwards #3 "Robert & Victoria" - Chad Mealey & Tim Kane (1993, For Publication Only)
100 flips - Alexander Cisna (1995, Excerpt from performance piece)