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Printed in 1996 in San Diego, California

Limited printing of 100 hand-bound copies
Cover: Pieces of Africa, Marla Mealey (1996, mixed-media)

"This issue contains our first ever centerfold - a structural piece with text taken entirely from a dictionary. Also, a mixed media cover and many structural text pieces addressing typography, games, process, and negative space. Also includes a couple cut-ups (derived from several sources of text which are cut up and re-arranged randomly) and an exquisite corpse (two or more authors take turns adding material to the piece)."


Caverns Measureless - Curator (1996, Editorial)
The Sound of My Finger When It Smears The Ink - Alexander Cisna (1996, Pencil Sketch)
Contagion - Richard Kostelanetz (1995, For Publication Only)
If You Continually Give - Marla Mealey (1993, Collage)
Reality Check - David Hurwitz (1996, For Publication Only)
Untitled #104 - Dennis Aman (1995, Excerpt From His Collected Works)
Rivers - Alexander Cisna (1995, Mixed Media)
declaimunculation - Daniel Fleishmann (1993, For Publication Only)
And All Steroids - Various Artists (Collage)
After the Storm Clouds Have Cleared - Alexander Cisna (1996, Pencil Sketch)
Untitled #11 - Igor Korneitchouk (1995, E-mail)
Essence by Simile - Brenda d. Cook (1996, Excerpt from cute kitty card)
Baking Soda Ilk - Chad Mealey (1996, Rant)
This is a game - Anon. (????, Game)
One Line Daily Thought Mantras - Harlan Lyman (1996, For Publication Only)
Backwards #2 - Tim Kane & Chad Mealey (1993, For Publication Only)
The Apocryphal Pill - D. M. Somerfleck (1996, For Publication Only)