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Printed in 1994 in San Diego, California

Cover: The 5th Wall, Lewis Garnet (1994, For Publication Only)

"A widely varied issue containing sound poetry, our first 'list' as art, a one-act play taking place entirely in a closet, a work using the substitution process (found text is altered by replacing selected words with new to recontextualize the original meaning), a couple essays, and some structural poetry (whatever that is!)."


Not an Editorial - Editor (1994, Hand written on musical staff)
tu tu tuaaaa - Chad Mealey (1993, Letterpress on hand-made paper)
If my mind is a weapon, the safety is off - David Hurwitz (1993, For Publication Only)
Analytic Philosophy - Jeffery Godowsky (1993, Graded Contemporary Philosophy Paper)
101 uses for an anus - Tim Kane (1994, Hand-written on toilet paper)
On Fish Bones - Emmanuel Keeler (1993, For Publication Only)
Place Commercial Here - Alexander Cisna (1994, Oil on canvas)
Rain and Old Jazz - Chad Mealey (1993, For Publication Only)
Hallucination #103 - Marla Mealey (1994, Collage)
Romantic Resume - Tim Kane (1994, For Publication Only)