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Printed in 1994 in San Diego & San Francisco, California

Cover: The 5th Wall, Marla Mealey (1994, Collage)

"Compiled as the production moved to San Francisco, some copies were printed there and some in San Diego (there are very subtle differences between the two printings). Aside from the usual collection of styles, there is a piece of subtractive writing (portions of found text are removed leaving the new content), and a structual piece where the meaning derives from permutations of a sort."


Two Thumbs - Editor (1994, Hand written on musical staff)
Random Scenes from the Nancy Reagan Television Addiction Clinic - B. Scanlan (1994, FPO)
Sandiwich - Hector A. Castillo (1994, Excerpt from work in progress)
If he is sam - Alexander Cisna (1994, Mixed media)
Spouting Nonsense - David Hurwitz (1993, For Publication Only)
thi - Hector A. Castillo (1994, Excerpt from work in progress)
beauty - Emmanuel Keeler (1993, For Publication Only)